Persisting component’s items configuration

Component configuration can be handled via file-based configuration file (etc/ or via admin ad-hoc commands (either via XMPP client or web AdminUI) and persisting it to database. However, file-based configuration wasn’t persisted to repository if that was the only method to configure the server. Version 7.1.4 introduces a way to force persisting items configuration to repository by introducing Persist item configuration administrative command.

It affects following components:

  • VHost Manager (responsible for handling domains available in your installation)
  • External Connection Component (responsible for handling outgoing and incomming connections from external components)
  • HTTP API - API keys (defines access keys to HTTP API endpoints)

It’s possible to execute this command in two ways:


Next major version of Tigase XMPP Server - 8.0.0 - changes how configuration is handled focusing on ad-hoc configuration of Items therefore it’s essential to persist configuration of repository items (external component connections, vhosts, http-api keys, etc…) before upgrading to version 8.0.0!