To activate message archiving, place the following lines in the file:


These two lines are the component required to be active. As with activating any component, be sure the component name and class match, and that the number is not used by another component.


This next line defines that message archives will be stored in a specific database, in this case messagearchivedb hosted on localhost. If this is blank, the archive will be stored in the default user repository.


The next line turns on the message archive plugin, while this is not always necessary, in order to configure extra options, this line is needed. Finally, this line specifies the name for the component, if left blank the component’s JID will be message-archive@local-machine-name.

NOTE: Message tagging can take up considerable resources! There are a high number of prepared statements which are used to process and archive messages as they go through the server, and you may experience an increase in resource use with the archive turned on. It is recommended to drecrease the repository connection pool to help balance server load from this component using the following line in