General StanzaSender parameters:

  • default-interval number which specifies in seconds how often should the task look in data source for new packets to send.
  • max-queue-size is a number which specifies internal packets queue size. This is used to prevent the component from consuming all the memory for data in case the component can not process them.
  • stanza-listeners is a list of task names to load. Each task can read XMPP packets to send from different data sources. You can load as many listeners (tasks) as you need. Each task must read stanzas from different data sources.

For each task from the stanza-listeners list there is a separate section with parameters for each task:

  • active boolean switch allowing you to turn on/off the task without removing configuration completely.
  • class-name Java class name which implements the task. This class must extend tigase.server.ssender.SenderTask and it is loaded at runtime.
  • init-string is kind of data source connection string. For database it is just database connection string, for file system this is just a directory name. It may be even different for different tasks. The 2 tasks already implemented have some specific features: FileTask allows you to use wild-chars in directory/ file name specification and JDBCTask allows you to specify additional parameter at the end of JDBC connection string - database table name. For specific examples look at above config sections.
  • interval is a number which allows you to specify different interval in seconds for checking data source for each task.

NOTE: Each task has own separate parameters list.