User Data Import

If you previously used an XML based user repository, you can import all data into a MySQL database using repository management tool. This is quite long command so let me list all required parameters first with brief explanation:

  1. -cp copy content of the source repository to destination repository.
  2. -sc tigase.db.xml.XMLRepository source repository class.
  3. -su user-repository.xml source repository connection string - assuming your user repository is in user-repository.xml file.
  4. -dc tigase.db.jdbc.JDBCRepository destination repository class.
  5. -du "jdbc:mysql://localhost/tigase?user=dbuser&password=dbpass" destination repository connection string.

And now whole command. Enter all in one line:

$ ./scripts/ -cp -sc tigase.db.xml.XMLRepository -su user-repository.xml -dc tigase.db.jdbc.JDBCRepository -du "jdbc:mysql://localhost/tigase?user=dbuser&password=dbpass"

For more information how to use command line administration tools refer to command line tools guide.